How to apply for NNAUSA Scholarship.


Ngwa National Association USA ( NNAUSA) will be offering scholarship to some sons / daughters in the Nigerian Universities from the 9 LGAs of Ukwa And Ngwa –
Application Deadline is August 15th, 2022 . Follow the instructions to apply if eligible.

This year, the NNAUSA Educational and Outreach Foundation (NEOF) will continue with its practice of awarding scholarships to deserving students in Nigerian Universities. Eligibility for the scholarship is restricted only to students from the 9 local government areas of Ngwa and Ukwa. One scholarship shall be awarded to each of the 9 Ngwa/Ukwa local government areas. The scholarship shall be open to both current and prospective students of any accredited university in Nigeria. To qualify for the scholarship, potential awardees must:
(a) Download, complete, and satisfy other requirements as set forth in the attached Application Form
(b) Show acceptable proof of satisfactory academic performance (if they are already enrolled in an accredited university); or
(c) Show acceptable evidence of admission into a bachelor’s degree program in an accredited university.
Beneficiaries shall be chosen through a random ballot, which will be conducted during the 2022 NNAUSA Convention. The deadline for submission of entries shall be August 15th, 2022. Only application received within the deadline will be included in the random ballot.
Application forms and other necessary documents are to be submitted to the email

download form here.

Mrs. Christine Irozuru.

Secretary NEOF

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