Ndi Isiala Ngwa Let’s Go to Abuja With Lucky


Is time to present our needs to the Government at the center. As a people, we have not felt the presence of the Government at the center, ranging from roads projects, health care services to other social amenities, we have seen NDDC do projects in other parts of Abia but In Isiala ngwa North and South Federal Constituency we haven’t seen a bulldozer grading our roads talk more of doing Drainage work.

Our Children are not meant to be Army or Police officers alone, our children can also work at other very lucrative Government offices as we have qualifed Graduates who can do that, Dr Paul Ogwuma, a former Central bank Governor is from Isiala ngwa ,we have many Paul Ogwuma in all our localities seeking better employment opportunities.

Let’s bring our people closer to the center.

Let’s Go to Abuja with Lucky.

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