Attempted Arrest Of Mopol; Eye Witness Quashes The Allegation


Concerning the allegation of an attempted arrest today by Mr Azubuike Erondu (Mopol), an eye witness has refuted the allegation and tagged it false.

Mr Erondu who alleged that some policemen attempted to arrest him today by the directive of Mr Mac Atasie, was only engulfed by fear as nobody wanted or was ordered to arrest him.

According to a witness report, the zone 9 police invited Mr Azubuike Erondu following a petition over a threat to the life of Atasie’s colleague Sir Atasie. Incidentally, some policemen sent by the Inspector General of Abuja to deliver a letter to Mr Azubuike over his incessant attack and threat on Mr Atasie and his family arrived.

“On sighting the police who innocently came to deliver the letter to him, he ran away with the assistance of a local police in Umuahia and failed to collect the letter”, the eye witness revealed.

It is also imperative to know that the same Erondu has been threatening Mr Mac’s colleague and making plots to attack him.

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