Compassionate leadership involves a focus on relationships through careful listening to, understanding, empathising with and supporting other people, enabling those we lead to feel valued, respected and cared for, so they can reach their potential.

Compassionate leaders seek influence not authority, they don’t demand, they encourage, they lead with hope, they guide, acknowledge and support their subordinates to combine their efforts, skills, talents, insights, passion, enthusiasm and commitment to work together for the greater good.

The above definition of a compassionate Leader succinctly captured and defined the reverend personality of Hon Ugochukwu Njinkoye the Executive Chairman of Umuahia North Local Government Area.

Few weeks past, i sent an SOS WhatsApp chat to Hon Njinkonye detailing him of a critical case of one Mr Ugochukwu Joshua, an indigene of Ohokobe Ndume in Umuahia North LGA who was diagnosed of pile complications, his condition had already deteriorated and medical professionals had certified the only to way to remedy the situation was through surgery.

Mr Joshua was due to go under the doctor’s knife but financial skirmishes wouldn’t let that happen, few hours after i sent a chat to Hon Njinkonye, he placed a call across to me ( remember, before my chat to him, i don’t have any personal relationship with him neither have i spoken on phone with him before ) and gave me appointment to meet him in his office the next day.

After he dropped the epic call, i got emotional because in our clime today, it’s almost rare to see such magnanimity come from a public figure.

The next day we met in his office, he welcomed me delightfully and even apologised for reaching out to me a bit late after i sent the WhatsApp chat, i was thinking he would send an aide to go with me to the hospital but no, my permutations were wrong; Hon Njinkonye to my amazement sent for the Leader of Umuahia North Legislative Council, Hon Peter Iroegbu to accompany him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Hon Njinkonye said “I’m so sorry you are experiencing this, life is full of these kinds of challenges, so don’t worry, because you will surely overcome this present predicament, never give up hope, even during the toughest of times there’s always a chance things will get better, i wish you quick recovery and pray you bounce back to your feet again much stronger “

He also gave the patient a huge financial support.

Only a leader who is clothed with kindness and genuine love for his people will do this.

May God continue to bless the Executive Chairman of Umuahia North Local Government Area, Hon Ugochukwu Njinkonye for his tremendous and excellent service to his people.

Ikechukwu Kelvin Okorie writes from Umuahia.

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