Video, 2.5 Billion debt:You must put a workshop in place before we pay you – Hope Uzodinma


The Executive Governor of Imo state Senator Hope Uzodinma have finally broken his silence over a law suit against the state Government by Innoson motors demanding for the payment of outstanding debt of 2.5 billion naira, out of 5.3 billion naira worth of vehicles supplied to the state government.

According to Governor Hope the state Government entered into an agreement for Innoson motors to build a workshop in Imo state which will take care of the maintenance of the vehicles stating that 70% of the vehicles are grounded and that Innoson motors will meet up with the agreement reached with the state Government before such money can be paid.

He said ” we placed order for him to supply us with vehicles worth over 5.3 billion naira, he has no workshop in Imo state, part of the agreement is that he will put up a workshop in Imo state to maintain the vehicles, as I speak with you 70% of the vehicles are grounded, we have paid him over 3 billion naira and no workshop to maintain the vehicles and this is tax payers money, I have told him to come and open the workshop as promised, I came from the private sector we don’t throw away money like that, it is tax – Governor Hope Uzodinma.

listen to Gov Hope Uzodinma.

Gov Hope Uzodinma inspecting vehicles supplied by Innoson motors
vehicles supplied by Innoson motors to Imo state Government

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