My mission and vision for Ndi Abia – Prof. Uche Eleazer Ikonne


” My plan is to build a stronger, stable, and independent economy that will not only survive but thrive in this post petroleum driven global economy.

To achieve this, I will prioritize building and enabling a home grown productive base that will usher in a new development epoch through massive industrialization.

I have always held that for any economy to thrive, it must compete favourably in the international market – it must produce most of what it consumes, and it must sell to other nations as equal partners.

We must understand that the era of petroleum – driven global economy is withering out a new era is upon us – the 4th industrial revolution.

My team and I recognize this, and will present new alternatives for us.

The key realization today is that the days of economic surpluses and wastes are over.

The general population demands accountability and prudence in expenditure. In this regard, my government will be driven by efficient operations and accountability.

With an efficient economy and the right policies, I believe Abians can have a competitive and productive economy, strong and vibrant, small and medium enterprises, a dynamic services sector, and active knowledge economy capable of making Abia a self sustainable economy.

I therefore pledge to be an effective and active transformation leader that ensures efficiency at all levels of governance.

The recent wave of insecurity has shown us that when we play down the importance of human capital development, we all pay the ultimate price.

In this wise, I Will implement an education policy that meets the ever changing needs of the global competitive space. I believe that we can create a system that will ensure our schools are no longer closed due to strike actions.

Abia can successfully sustain and maintain it’s education infrastructure if we are committed to it.

I pledged to provide quality education at all levels by reforming our schools, curriculum, retooling the schools and continuous teachers development initiatives.

I will ensure free education program to make all Abians have equal opportunity at education”

  • Prof. Uche Eleazer Ikonne

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