Abia Transparency Group International, a group of Abia professionals formed to hold public office holders and those seeking public office accountable for their actions and to subject the process that will produce them to highest level of integrity. We believe that the process is more important than the outcome. We serve as the moral compass of the society.

It is therefore worrisome that some candidates for the Governorship election in Abia State have integrity issues bothering on certificate forgery, illegal accounts not declared to Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), serious EFCC cases, health challenges and controversial ownership of a bank. We owe Abians a duty to keep those with integrity issues on their toes.

We seriously frown at the perceived conspiracy to sweep under the carpet these very weighty integrity issues. We also found it disturbing that Abians do not seem to care about the question marks challenging the integrity of those presenting themselves to govern them. It is time we asked tough questions.

Our integrity light beams on the factional Candidate of APGA, Professor Gregory Ibeh, who is fingered to have doctored the WAEC result he submitted to INEC under oath. Investigation by this group revealed that the computerised data version from WAEC matching the subject and grades submitted by Ibeh has different names but same exam number. The group is questioning the integrity of the said result. We have waited patiently for Professor Ibeh to either present the facts to the public by clearing the air with the original certificates but he is obviously trying to play on the intelligence of Abians. We are giving Professor Ibeh a week to come clean or have us expose him. Therefore, Abians are urged to follow up to unearth the truth.

The YPP candidate, Chief Nana Nwafor criminally declared only one account to Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) whereas he hid twelve (12) other accounts from the agency. Also, the Economic and financial Crime Commission (EFCC) has very serious allegations of contract over-invoicing and inflation of contract figures, poorly executed jobs and money laundering. investigation is currently on about his contract deals with the State Government. We seek to unravel the truth.

The PDP governorship candidate, Professor Eleazar Ikonne has been rumoured to be absent from the state for sometime. We seek to investigate the true status of his absence and also find out if he is in anyway no longer of sound mind to carry on the duties of a Governor should he win. We are interested in revealing the truth.

The Labour Party governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti is said to be fronting for a former Governor of Rivers State as owner of Signature Bank. We are also worried about Otti’s inconsistencies about his place of origin, financial mismanagement and other hidden issues. We are therefore poised to unwrap all the secret financial deals he may be involved in.

We are promising Abians to keep it honest with them. We are giving every candidate for the Governorship election from the first week in February, 2023 to come clean with their records.

Engr. Emeka Nledim

Comrade Isaac Kanu Obi
Secretary General.