Absu E-Clearance System : How to do your clearance online at Abia state university.


The new e-clearance application module is flexible and easy to use as students can initiate clearance process from the comfort of their home, irrespective of where they are anywhere in the world. Student no longer need to be physically present at the bursary department to do their clearance.

Below are the detailed operational steps of the e-clearance system.

Step 1. Log into the school portal http://Portal.abiastateuniversity.edu.ng

Step 2: Students logs into his or her online portal to request for clearance.
Step 3: The request for clearance from the student’s Portal drops in the faculty officer’s portal. The faculty officer’s portal database is designed in a way that it shows all students payment history from year one to final year, and outstanding fees. The faculty officer goes through the student payment history, identify student’s outstanding payments, and sends back to the student for payment of outstanding debts if any.
Step 4: the student logs in back to his or her portal and makes payment for the outstanding fees, and sends back to faculty officer.
Step 5: After the faculty officer has gone through the student payments and confirms that the student has made all payments pointed out in step 2, the faculty officer now sends the clearance to Head, Student Accounts, who does the second level verification of student payment history and then approves the request.
Step 6: Student logs into his portal and prints out Clearance Certificate and submits to Head, Students Accounts.
Step 7: Head, Student Account, now sends the e-clearance to the Bursar for stamping.
Step 8: The E-clearance Certificate is then sent to Security Dept, and then to Admin.
Note that all these processes can happen within a day. This is because each faculty officer is assigned a particular faculty/department he or she is in charge of; and the payments are also made online.

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