20 list of profitable handwork an average Nigerian youth can engage in.


There are 80% guarantee that the person will be gainfully employed after learning the ropes in the various handiwork listed below

1. Photography, Video Editing and Computer Programming

2. Hair Barbing and Hair Styling

3. Tailoring & Fashion Design

4. Phone, Laptop and Computer Repairs

5. House Painting and Wallpaper Installation

6. Food and Restaurant Business

7. Cake Baking, Meat pie, Peanut & Pastries

8. Plumbing

9. Solar Power Installation

10. Floor Tiling

11. Beading, Handbags, Crochet and Jewelry Making

12. Transportation Business eg Keke and this small bus

13. Learning and Playing Musical Equipment

14. CCTV Installation

15. Electrician & House Wiring

16. Auto Mechanic

17. Make up, Nail & Eyelashes Fixing

18. Aluminum Doors and Windows Installation

19. Furniture and plywood works

20. Graphics Design and Web development.

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