Abia House of Commotion: Rt Hon Ifeanyi Uchendu, Hon Jerry Uzosike clash on channels Tv.


…..The speaker  has been eating my entitlement for 9 months – Rt Hon Uchendu.

…… The deputy speaker led a show of shame against the House – Hon jerry.

The battle for the soul of the 7th Abia state House of Assembly is far from being over as hostilities continued this morning, this time on National television program Sunrise Daily on Channels Television.

Hon Jerry Uzosike, Member Representing Umuahia South State Constituency and chairman House committee on Public Account

The member Representing  Umuahia South state Constituency and Chairman House Committee on public Account, Hon Jerry Uzosike appeared on Channels Television to throw more light on why the impeachment of the Speaker of the state House of Assembly Rt Hon Chinedum Orji was an act of illegality and should not even come up at all as the speaker as at today has never committed any impeachable offense to warrant his impeachment and if any impeachment could take place that it must be at the floors of the House with the rules of the house coming into play.

He said: I Stand on equity, I stand with the law, the speaker was not even impeached, the issue of ported impeachment was a show of shame and a carriage for people who ought to know the law, to do it differently, for me there are procedures for impeaching a speaker or Deputy speaker of the House of Assembly, it is clear in the constitution and our rule book, how to remove a speaker or the Deputy speaker is enshrined here and no speaker was removed but for the Deputy Speaker was removed yesterday for the acts of misconduct, the shame he brought to the house of Assembly, I stand with the law and the speaker was never impeached, Hon Uchendu was impeached and was replaced with a more Honorable member by the name Rt Hon Mandela Obasi “.

Rt Hon Chinedum Enyinnya orji

He further stated that the majority of the House members lost their elections and were angry with the outcome of the election, they came back with agitations and the Speaker said no matter how the results of the last elections look like  he can’t be pressured to make unnecessary demands, we felt some people were angry but the extent they went was shameful.

On the Impeachment of the Governor, we all laughed at it, impeachment has a procedures, some may feel the speaker is blocking their way to get one thing or the other but I feel some people are so desperate in this 7th Assembly, the way to go about the allowance of the House members is different from the way the members see it.

He said the coup on the House was planned and funded by outsiders and the Governor has confirmed that his hands and legs are not involved.

On the timing he said the timing is right, even if it is 6 days to the end of their tenure the speaker commits  a crime that he will be impeached.

Rt Hon Ifeanyi Uchendu

Response from the Deputy Speaker Rt Hon Ifeanyi Uchendu.


He insisted that the Speaker was impeached with signatures of 16 members of the House and 12 members were present to carry out the Impeachment processes.

He accused the speaker of pocketing the Assembly for years.

He said” 16 members of the state Assembly impeached the Speaker and 12 members were present, he has pocketed the State Assembly for years now and the members came together and said we don’t want this man again, just like me now he has been not paid me for 9 months now, telling me it is by his own discretion he can pay me, we have experienced a lot from this man and this men said we are tired, the day we impeached him we where 12’in number and he went to the House of Assembly with 7 members and said they have impeached a Deputy speaker without ⅔ it is not possible”.

On the venue where the impeachment of the speaker took place, he said” What we did was so valid, the constitution said if there is insecurity in the house, he gathered the youths of his communities in the house, you can use another Government premises in the state and that is exactly what we did, we used another Government premises is in the state to impeach him, because he has already mobilized all the bad guys in umuahia to be around the complex and we need to remove him that day, we are tired, we needed a change.


He also said the Governor knows that  he is still the Deputy speaker of the state Assembly, that only 16 signatures can remove him as Deputy speaker.


The Governor will be meeting the two factions of the state Assembly soon, as the state present Administration prepares for transition in less than three weeks from now.


Abia Assembly, Two Speakers, Two Deputy Speakers, Two Mace, One complex.


Who is the Authentic Speaker of the 7th Abia state House of Assembly?

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