Guinness World Record: If you run in 2027, you will win a world record too as the longest running Politician without a win, Twitter user mocks Atiku.


À twitter user by name @Niifemi_nife has mocked former Vice President of Nigeria and multiple Presidential candidate of Multiple Political Party in Nigeria Alhaji Atiku Abubakar after he joined millions of Nigerians in congratulating young Nigerian chef Hilda  for breaking 86 hours 45 mini cooking record held by Chef Tata Tondon, Atiku while reacting to the record broken and set by Chef Hilda, wrote” Congratulations, Chef Hilda???? !  A proud nation thanks you for cooking Nigeria into the Guinness Book of Records. Keep the sumptuous meals flowing ????. -AA”


 in a quick reply the former vice President got the shock of his life as a twitter user name Niifemi_nife replied” If you run in 2027, you’d win World Record too. Longest Running Politician with zero win !!! 

Go abu… Go abu!!! I’m Atikuing for you!”


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