10th National Assembly: Doguwa withdraws from Speakership Race.


….. says Abbas is qualified and has the legislative experience.

Alhassan Doguwa, majority leader of the house of representatives, Officially withdrawn from the speakership race.Doguwa said Abbas is qualified and has the legislative experience to lead the 359 members of the house. Don’t imagine that my appearance here is by accident. For those of you, who are thinking you’re daydreaming, you’re not daydreaming. This is reality,” Doguwa said.

“I have benefited from party arrangements, this kind of arrangement. I’m majority leader courtesy of my party. So, it’s only fair to stand beside my party’s decision. Time has come for me to pay back. We are here individually and collectively to support Tajudeen. We are surrendering our speakership ambition. The selection process of Abass is not biased and he and Kalu are qualified to be speaker and deputy”.

The rule All Progressive Congress last week zoned it Speakership and Deputy Speakership position to North West and South East respectively which saw the emergence of Hon Abbas and Hon Ben kalu as the party’s preferred candidates for Speakership and Deputy Speakership position.


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