Our attention has been drawn to another fresh, yet acutely unsuccessful attempt by some media e-rats to cause right thinking members of the public to see Abia Deputy Governor Engr. Ikechukwu Emetu as unpatriotic, deceitful and undeserving of the majority support he has gained across Abia State. This fresh attempt is coming at the heels of a witless person….height of irresponsible JOURNALISM

In the said publication, it was terribly noticed that the publisher made a grave mistake where he stated that the Deputy Governor referring to him as “KING HEROD” granted the request of one man called “ABACHA” from Ibeku who claims to be a close friend of the government and without seeking the approval of the Governor, where he alleged that the Deputy Governor gave him the full authority to take-over “isigate”.

In the interest of well meaning Abians who have reached out on the need to keep the records straight and in the true character of our dear Deputy Governor, who would never oblige to work against the general interests of Ndi Abia, we unequivocally state that

1.His Excellency, Engr Ikechukwu Emetu, the Deputy Governor of Abia State will not defy, nor come against by any means the order of the Executive Governor of Abia State Dr Alex Otti.

2.Engr. Emetu as a champion of selflessness, true patriot and compassionate Abian, values Abia and Abians so much that it will be utterly inordinate for him to trade their interests for any personal gain. If anything, thus far, he has shown appreciable traits of someone who is ready and willing to serve in the true sense of it, and this has gained him the admiration of all patriotic Abians.

3.That Engr Ikechukwu Emetu never in any discussion or any meeting ordered or gave authority to any so called “ABACHA” to take-over “isigate” nor in any way the state government gave such directive. The so called ABACHA no doubt has been so over zealous in taking laws into his hands, as we are very sure that neither the Deputy Governor nor any other government functionary authorised him to do so.

4.Thus, the Actions of “ABACHA” calling out petty traders on the street to come out openly at isigate to sell their products, upon payment of a certain fee to him, is purely on a personal ground and has nothing to do with the Deputy Governor or the state government. We are sure that the government of Dr. Alex Otti will take action against such reckless and selfish action in due course.

5. It is too early to drag the name and office of the Deputy Governor of Abia State into mudslinging, blackmail and cheap propaganda, traits Abians have since dropped in the gallery of antiquities.

6. We advise busy bodies and merchants of infantile lies to desist forthwith as Abia needs every sanity it can get at this time.

7. The dubious mind behind such unwarranted attack against the energetic Deputy Governor failed to inform Abians that the person he claims the Deputy Governor arrested in Ariaria was found with stacks of PVC in his office. Of course the world knows those who are in the habit of PVC merchandising in Abia over the years.

8. Above all, a vast majority of Abians are in love with Engr. Emetu our amiable Deputy Governor, for being such an energetic, patriotic, intelligent and yet humble person. And Abians cannot thank His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti OFR enough for making such a sound choice as a Deputy Governor.

Naysayers please take note and keep off.

Abia True Patriots (ATP)
9th June 2023

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