The Leadership of the 7th Abia state House of Assembly was a fraud and an Embarrassment to Abia – Rt Hon Chikwendu Kalu.


The Speaker of the 6th Abia state House of Assembly, Rt Hon Chikwendu Kalu has thrown more light on why he described the 7th Abia state House of Assembly as a jamboree, the Former Speaker who spoke to Naijadailyng247 via telephone this morning maintained that the House was a jamboree and a shadow of itself.
He said,“ Legislative Activities is a serious business and that is why, by virtue of the Constitution we are mandated to sit at least 181 days in a year, but I can bet you with anything that from 2019 out of 181 days mandatory stipulated by the Constitution from 2019 until 9th of June 2023 we came to an end, there is no year we met 20 times in the 7th Assembly, the little opportunity we had to be able to come to that place, I kept on shouting to them that this is not House of Assembly and why I said it was a jamboree, they will gather in the Executive section by 12pm sometimes 12:30pm they will start drinking tea, fry egg and fry yam and be given to them, at the end of the day between 1:30 pm to 2pm they will leave and said they won’t sit, these are the characters we found in the 7th Assembly, the Leadership was a fraud and an embarrassment to Abia, let somebody comes and contradict me that from 2019 we met the constitutional requirement of 181 days, let somebody come and contradict me in a debate, the Hansard of the house is there, the pros & Proceedings of the House is there for anybody to look at, the 7th Assembly never sat throughout out the year 2023”.
He alleged that the Speaker locked the House to avoid being questioned on the release of funds to the House for projects.

Revelations surrounding the activities of the just concluded 7th Abia state House of Assembly is taking another stage as so many ill activities of the 7th Assembly have been trending on the social media and pages of media outlets in Abia and the country at large.


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