Alleged Misappropriation of 480m at Abia State Ministry of Health:Dr. John Ahukanna makes shocking Revelations.


Former Commissioner for Health in Abia State Dr. John Ahukann has made a very shocking revelation with regard to the misappropriation of funds to the tune of 480 million Naira under the Saving One Million Lives (SOML) program domiciled in the ministry of Health umuahia.

Dr. Ukauwa Charles

Dr. Ahukanna reacting to the said revelation made by the pioneer Program manager of SOML Dr. Ukauwa Charles, he accused Dr. Ukwauwa of using initial funds for the program for jamboree.

He wrote:

Dr John Ahukanna

To the best of my knowledge, Dr Ukauwa was the pioneer program manager of SOML that I met upon arrival in the SMOH
2. The funds for SOML did not hit the state’s CBN account till sometime in May/June 2017, by which time the state EXCO was in dissolution.
3. That upon my return for a 2nd tenure 5months later, Dr Ukauwa had stepped on the toes of his promoters by using part of the initial funds for a jamboree, inclusive of mis-advising the leadership of the state into buying x4 vehicles (2 Hiluxes and 2 hiace buses all in utter disregard for the advise given by the WB/FMOH
4. That upon my return, I approached our Principal who okayed his immediate replacement with a more responsible officer who indeed took that program to an all time high where we won more cash awards for diligent application of those funds(see award photo)
5. An aggrieved Dr Ukauwa would go on to hire an office outside the SMOH and still pretended to be running an office for SOML, a scenario that occasioned an unscheduled visit by all Directors of the SMOH, led by me to that office he hired in order to evade monitoring, and where-in we found both him and his wife occupying different wings of the said building. Suffice it to say that Dr Ukauwa’s profuse apologies are still public and domiciled in the archives of the SMOH.
Finally, am aware Dr Ukauwa has since then remained disgruntled as he had tried unsuccessfully to get onto another project, a situation that in my opinion remains untenable, having breached the trust of the state ab-initio. I am aware he imagines he can lie his way into yet another position of responsibility by lying to the new sheriffs in town.
My simple advise to him is that public documents like those archived in the SMOH , do not lie. He should dust up his medical books, pick up his stethoscope and go and practice medicine, his core mandate and training and quit trying to malign people and manipulate Abians.

Gozie John Ahukannah Dr
Stewarton, Scotland, UK
10/7/33 @ 15.57 hrs

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