Members of Dr. Chima Anyasọ Support Group Commemorate Abia State’s 32nd Anniversary


Abia State celebrated its 32nd anniversary on the 27th of August, 2023, and the members of Dr. Chima Anyasọ Support Group participated in the festivities during their strategic meeting held later that day at the Ofuji Youth Resource Center, Igbere.

The event offered an opportunity for attendees to reflect on the state’s progress so far and its future prospects.

In a goodwill message earlier delivered by Dr. Chima Anyasọ, deputy gubernatorial candidate of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in the 2023 election and ardent supporter of Abia State, he felicitated with Abians at age 32, acknowledging Abia as a beacon of admiration.

In a statement issued to Umuahia press corps – capital city of Abia state – Dr. Anyaso reiterated his commitment to advancing growth and development within the state while praising indigenes’ talent, skills, and courage worldwide who have chosen success over failure.

As a prominent businessman and politician, Dr. Chima Anyasọ is well-positioned to drive the socio-economic development of Abia State in the years to come.
His support group, made up of enthusiastic and patriotic Abians, will continue to work with him to achieve this goal.

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