Exclusive: How Abia Lady used Money Contributed for her Hospital Bill to play Bet9ja


A lady identified as Blessing Miracle Norom has been alleged to have used money contributed for her to offset her hospital bill to play Bet9ja a popular betting brand in Nigeria.

Alozie Akudo Wrote:


I Alozie Akudo, hereby disassociates myself from Miracle Blessing Nnorom and anything that has to do with her henceforth, and I plead with my fans, friends and followers to stop sending money to her forthwith as she has proven to be a crook and a criminal.

I was contacted by Mr. Nwabugwu Enyinnaya Erondu that the said girl had a surgery and has been in the hospital for 4 months( which is true), .and no money to pay for her bills, I reached out to her, asked for the hospital’s account number, but she sent hers, I accepted to use her account In case we exceed the amount required, she can use the rest to take care of herself and mother who has been with her in the hospital for this past four months (a grave mistake), I made a post about her on my wall on the night of Wednesday 23/8/2023, with her account details soliciting for funds before morning of Thursday 24/8/2023 we were able to realize the sum of110k,we went to the hospital with the initial agreement of paying #70k deposit which was what Enyinna told me, on getting there, the Dr. insisted his money must be complete(150k) before the said girl will be discharged, after much pleas, he refused, and we left, I came back, made another post, soliciting for more funds, went to people’s inbox begging for Money, at the end of the day, we were able to raise the complete money and even exceeded it, i asked her to transfer the money to the hospital management that we’ll be back in the morning, so she can be discharged that morning, she sent a message to Enyinnaya informing him that we should not come, that she has used the money to settle people she has been owing who have been threatening her that they will arrest her if she doesn’t pay up.

I insisted on going to the hospital to actually know what was going on, so myself, my husband, Nwabugwu Enyinnaya, Tochi A Oluebube Chinaza Monica George went, on getting there, no dime was remaining in her account, money that was above 150k getting to 200k,we were mad and confused, I was literally crying because I’ve not experienced this height of irresponsibility before, one of her uncle’s came and confronted her, she later opened up and said she used the whole money to play BETNAIJA, as she has more than 4betting apps on her phone, kia, 😭😭😭 I cried, all that I suffered, begging for money, I never knew I was dealing with a shameless and irresponsible girl

First she told us That the surgery she did was for Hynea and appendix, only for us to get to the hospital and discover it was actually CS surgery that was carried out on her, she lost the child, and has been in the hospital since April because she couldn’t settle the bills, and we couldn’t abandon her at that point even after we discovered that she lied
I became confused and devastated,I cried my eyes out that day,,,

she said she will plead with the Dr, so she can be going to work from the hospital and raise her bills, OMO, the guts and foolishness
People were begging me to leave her since she wants to remain in the hospital forever,her uncle pleaded I should please put up a post that she has been discharged, which I did(my mistake)

I decided to let it slide, and cover my fellow woman,I came back and made the post that she has been discharged and thanked everyone who contributed,but on a second thought,I feel I have been fooled decided to make this disclaimer because of the future,and tell you people the true situation of things and how our good deeds can lead us into trouble and also sincerely apologize for even agreeing intially that she has been discharged
I’m really really sorry

So please anyone that has any financial transaction or dealings with Miracle with regards to her staying in the hospital is doing it at his or her own risk as she is still in the hospital and not ready to leave
Thank you all and God bless,may we not stop doing good..

Embassy hospital Umuode Aba

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