Procedure for Processing And Collection Of Abia State University Degree Certificates



1) Log on to to generate invoice to pay the appropriate certificate collection fee of Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000) for first degrees and 20,000₦ for Higher degrees at ABSU Micro – Finance Bank, Uturu. Eco Bank PLC, Zenith Bank, Union Bank, Fidelity Bank, UBA or Payment via bank debit cards..

Then Proceed to the bursary department and your respective faculty officers for clearance.

After 1 & 2 above, proceed to your faculty schedule officer in exam and records;

Your File will then be taken to office of the Registrar and the vice chancellor for processing and signing of the certificate.

1) Degree Certificates already issued by the University remain Valid.
2) Certificates are not issued by Proxy.

The process is seamless and is in line with global standards


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