Kano State approves N854 million for mass weddings


Kano State government has justified the approval of N854 million for mass weddings as part of the palliative measures rolled out to the vulnerable people of the state.

The Secretary to the State Government, Abdullahi Baffa Bichi, said the mass wedding initiative is a campaign promise but could also be considered palliative in this trying moment.

He said, “I can’t understand when you say making a bad situation worse by marrying off daughters of the vulnerable. We all know the cost of wedding. It is difficult for some households to marry off their daughters even though they have suitors who will marry them because of low income. It is also a form of palliative.

“There is an unintended cost of keeping your daughters that have reached the age of marriage that have their suitors and the parents are not able to prepare what is needed. We want to reduce the spread of social vices which is a major source of poverty,”

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