Enugu State to generate own electricity says Governor Peter Mbah


Enugu State to generate own electricity as Governor Peter Mbah,on Friday signed the state electricity bill into law.

Speaking while signing the bill at the government house, Mbah described it as a major step towards economic growth and investment in the state’s electricity sector.

He said the quest by his administration to build Enugu’s economy from $4.4 billion to $30 billion cannot be realised without a stable power supply

“As you know, following the constitutional amendment and the Electricity Act of 2023, electricity is now on the concurrent list,”

“This will now enable us to play in all the value chain of the electricity industry

“So, Enugu state has spared no time in making sure that we create our own electricity market. That is the crux of this law.

“We are

now able to play in the generation, transmission, and distribution segments of the electricity market.

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