NYCN gives Igboayaka O. Igboayaka one week to tender public written apology to the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo


*Igboayaka and Damian Okafor Committed Abomination.*


The attention of the National Youth Council of Nigeria South East Zone, Ethnic Youth Leaders and Critical Stakeholders in South East Zone has been drawn to the above obnoxious and abominable press briefing by Ohaneze Youth Council (OYC), signed by one Igboayaka O. Igboayaka and his cohorts.

Firstly, it is important for all concerned and the general public to note that enough is enough of the in-fighting and insults by Igbos to Igbos, especially by Igboayaka and his kinds on the Elders, Leaders and people of South Eastern Nigeria. It’s unfortunate that our people now use all kinds of structures and groups to cause internal fracas, commotion, problems and all kinds of negative things to the detriment of same our people just for selfish interests. What bothers us is that enemies of South Eastern Nigeria which some are even Igbos use us against each other and we continue falling for their games against us and making same mistakes over and over. It has become a trade in business where our people are now used and paid by highest bidders to use their organizations or groups to issue damaging press releases against each other, which goes a long way to damage our collective integrity as a people.

No one is silent on what is happening in the region; we are on serious consultations and taking the necessary steps to stop the killings and destruction of properties. We are struggling and working underground on possible ways to unify our people and intigrate them back to the National politics for peace, security, development and unity of our nation and some of you at this point choose to take up a fight against our Fathers, Elders and Leaders? Who told you that we can’t get it right? Must we continue making the same mistakes of our past leaders where certain persons or group of people will always use us against our people for selfish interests? It’s only through interactions, dialogue, reconciliations, sacrifices and understandings that we will eradicate the socio-political unfitness ravaging our zone, not by fighting each other or publicly insulting our Elders and Leaders.

We are disappointed on the Igboayaka’s public insolence on Igbo Elders and Leaders, using words such as “irrelevant political jobbers, demonic fifth columnists, socio-politically dead elements, brutal enemies of our land” etc. It’s glaring that he forgot his upbringing as an Igbo child because that’s the only reason he and his kind will come out openly to dehumanize our Elders and Leaders before the world. In one of his paragraphs, he addressed Chief Dr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu led leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo World Wide as extreme corrupt; A man who only took up leadership of our revered socio-political group few months ago. It is very shameful that he stopped so low in his unpatriotic effort to bring down a man he knows nothing about his anticidents in life.

On His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodinma, we expected that Igboayaka would have also let the general public know of his commitment in trying to reach out to the Governor regarding his ideas on how to mitigate the insecurity in Imo State, and the Governor’s refusal, before going on this public rampage of destruction on his personal and political life.

We must not fail to also state that the present Southeastern Governors have not failed Ndigbo; they are working tirelessly for the peace, progress, development and unity of Ndigbo and Nigeria at large. With ongoing consultations with appropriate quarters, we believe that before long, peace, development and unity will be achieved. We wouldn’t want to join issues with Igboayaka on comparing issues of South East Region with the menace of Boko Haram or Bandits because it’s clear that he doesn’t understand what is going on in the general polity of our dear nation. Bringing Britain, Fulani, and the Yorubas into his press briefing was totally uncalled for. This is time to join forces with fellow progressive Youth leaders across the nation, to factor a way forward for peace, unity and development of our region.

Our people say that who the gods want to kill, they first make mad. It’s evidently clear that Igboayaka has gone rationally unbalanced by giving the leadership of the Apex Igbo Socio-cultural group an ultimatum. We wonder where he derives his power and audacity to do so. Who is Igboayaka to make such statements? It’s obvious from the last paragraph of his press briefing that every piece of word put together in its entirety was targeted towards political motivations against Governor Hope Uzodinma’s re-election. We won’t join issues with him on his personal vendetta with the Governor but will allow Imolites to decide who becomes their Governor in the forth coming elections.

Furthermore, our preliminary investigations reveal the understated;

1. Ohaneze Youth Council was dissolved in Asaba, Delta State in the early years of 2000 for their unauthorized partisanship participations. The leaders then were Hon Nnamdi Nwokocha (Chairman) and Comrade Chuks Ibegbu (Secretary).

There is nothing like Ohaneze Youth Council in OHANEZE, which Igboayaka gave credence to in his press briefing, when he said the group is not associated with OHANEZE NDIGBO WORLD WIDE. The name of the official Youth Wing of OHANEZE is OHANEZE NDIGBO YOUTH WING WORLD WIDE, which has been operational. The pioneer leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Wing is Barr. Emejulu Okpalukwu Okpalaezeukwu. Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Wing was formally inaugurated in the year 2014. Nobody, except Hon Nnamdi Nwokocha, Comrade Chuks Ibegbu or the pioneer leader Barr. Emejulu Okpalukwu Okpalaezeukwu has any official position in Ohaneze Youth Wing or Ohaneze Youth Council.

In 2014 Mazi Okechukwu Okey Isiguzoro was elected along others and inaugurated as National Youth Leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Wing in an election that was properly conducted in Enugu in same 2014. Before Mazi Isiguzoro, it is on record that only Hon Nnamdi Nwokocha, Comrade Chuks Ibegbu or Barr. Emejulu Okpalukwu Okpalaezeukwu was the only leaders of Ohaneze Youth Council or Ohaneze Youth Wing.

We the National Youth Council of Nigeria South, East Zone, as the umbrella body of all the Youth Organizations in Nigeria only recognize and work with Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Wing, now under the acting National Leadership of Mazi Chukwuma Okpalaezeukwu who was Secretary General of the body but recently appointed as the acting National Youth Leader, for Order and Discipline to return to the body, by our Father and Leader Chief Engr. Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Iwuanyanwu (MFR, OFR, CFR) Ahaejiagamba Ndigbo and the President General OHANEZE NDIGBO WORLD WIDE.

2. We note and reasonably suspect as Igboayaka stated in that obnoxious press release, that his main reason for allowing himself to be used to castigate our Elders and Leaders is because the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo World Wide and the Publicity Secretary made a public statement, making it clear and affirming that there is nothing like Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Council in OHANAEZE.

In view of the above and having consulted appropriately with all concerned, we on behalf of all Ndigbo Youth in general here by state as follows,

1. Igboayaka O. Igboayaka is given one week to tender public written apology to our Father and Leader, Chief Dr. Engr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Iwuanyanwu, the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo World Wide and His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodinma, the Governor of Imo State by giving the same kind of publicity at his own cost to the open apology. We are consulting and at the appropriate time will make known other sanctions.

2. We advice government at all levels, from communities, Local Governments, State Governments, Federal Government and the world to stop recognizing any Youth Wing of Ohaneze Ndigbo World Wide other than Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Wing, recognized by the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo World Wide, now Chief Dr. Engr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Iwuanyanwu.

3. Anybody, Group, Organization or Government recognizing any Youth Organization or body attributed to Ohaneze Ndigbo World Wide rather than Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Wing is only sponsoring Disorder, Insecurity and Disunity in Igbo land and in extension our beloved country Nigeria.

This is for all concerned necessary action.


Vice President South East
National Youth Council of Nigeria

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