Prof. Ikonne, opposition candidates, and the analogy of inhabitants of Captain Newman M.D’s Island


In Leo Rosten’s novel, “Captain Newman M.D”, Destiny comes to an island and asks three of the inhabitants what they would do if he told them that tomorrow the island would be engulfed by a tidal wave. One man answered promptly that he would spend his remaining hours indulging himself with women and liquor. The second said he would go to to his gods and pray. The third said he would quickly round up all the wise men on the island and start learning how to breathe under water.

This illustration aptly captures the Abia gubernatorial race where Prof. Uche Ikonne is vying for the governorship position under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and other candidates vying under various party platforms.

While Prof Ikonne is busy reeling out his policies and programmes, candidates of other political parties are busy engaging in campaign of calumny, mudsling and other forms of inappropriate political engagements.

One of the areas the erudite professor has thought, like the third respondent of the island is the post-oil economy. Prof. Ikonne has severally opined that his administration will look beyong the oil economy.

It’s very glaring that relying on the oil economy these days amounts to gambling with the future of the economy. Like Paul Middleton asks in his book” The End of Oil:the Gulf, Nigeria and Beyond”, “How long will the world’s oil last? Will we always have access to what’s left. Where is it all? And what is the future for our oil- hungry economies? , for Prof. Ikonne to think beyond the oil economy shows that he knows the direction.

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