Governors of the South-South states have re-elected Godwin Obaseki as chairman of the South-South Governors’ Forum, Pledge Loyalty to President Tinubu.

South Governors resolved to jettison political party sentiments and unite under Obaseki to build bridges to the centre with uncompromised allegiance to the President Bola Tinubu-led Federal Government as well as guarantee full support to his administration.

“We also have to look at what we can benefit from one another; we can benefit from what we refer to as ‘economy of scale’ by drawing strength from each other.

“We also pledged our support to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Federal Government because we must establish that partnership to be able to bring development to our people,” he stated.

He added: “There are areas within the South/South region like the East-West Road linking all the states. We need to cooperate on commerce and trade. We need to cooperate in the area of security and we need to collaborate in the area of infrastructure. Those are the things we have to look at to foster development within our region.”