Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, has called on President Bola Tinubu to sit up and fulfil his election campaign promises of tackling insecurity and hardship in Nigeria. Says Nigerians are heartbroken, hopeless, he also called on President Bola Tinubu to go all out and deal with cabals in the nation’s petroleum sector.

Mbaka said: “Mr President, you can do it; to fix Nigeria is not difficult if the leader has the willpower. I know that this one will make national news but let it be. What is happening in the oil sector? How many barrels are being produced and how many dollars are in the Nigerian account?

“A country like Nigeria that exports millions of barrels of oil per month, how much are we saving?

“Why is it difficult up till now to fix other refineries? Who are the cabals? Can’t they be de-canibalized?
Cabals can be de-cannibalized if the president has the willpower; hell will not fall, heaven will not fall.

“These people can go to jail; after all, many of them did not support you; so why are you protecting them? Mr President, wake up, God is watching you to see what you can do.

“Our hearts are broken; go to our schools, see how messy the government schools are; are we taking care of our teachers and our doctors? Look at how they are, when they travel abroad, they begin to make money in pounds and dollars.

“Heartbreak everywhere; look at our police and military, their hearts are also broken; what kind of guns are the policemen using? When the senior squad passes, they will kill the policemen on the watchpost carry their guns and run away. What happens to their families when their husbands die on the duty post?

“No compensation; the next one minute, they chase them out of the barracks; those who are in Borno forest fighting Boko Haram, what is happening to their families at home? Who is taking care of them?

“The hearts of their family members are broken, shattered; they are fighting those with bombs with catapults; those people they are fighting are carrying launchers. How many young men have we buried and still burying; insecurity everywhere.

“We are asking people to go to the farm and produce; but if you enter the farm, herdsmen with AK-47s will enter the farm and kill the farmers, who will go to the farm anymore?

“Hunger, as I told you last two years, has not even started; I won’t tell you lies; everybody should be meaningfully engaged, start something.”