President Bola Tinubu is set to hold a crucial meeting with governors from all 36 states at the Aso Rock Villa this morning before departing for the African Union meeting in Ethiopia.

This gathering, only the second since his inauguration on May 29, takes place against the backdrop of escalating economic and security challenges in the nation.

Opposition governors, from the Peoples Democratic Party, recently drew parallels between Nigeria’s economic state and that of Venezuela, citing hyperinflation, increased starvation, crime, and elevated mortality rates. The Presidency responded by critiquing the governors’ performance, emphasizing their failure to meet salary obligations in their respective states.

Protests have erupted in some states due to the surging cost of living, with citizens demanding solutions to the economic crisis. In response, President Tinubu has directed the immediate release of over 100,000 metric tons of assorted food items from both the strategic reserve and the Rice Millers Association of Nigeria