Former Nigeria Minister for Aviation Femi Fani Kayode has described the former Governor of Anambra state and President Candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 General Election Mr. Peter Obi as the greatest scammer in the history of Nigeria Politics.

FFK who was reacting to a challenge thrown by former Media aide to President Jonathan Reno and Peter Obi’s response during a world press briefing described the former Anambra Governor as a scammer, in he tweeted “Peter Obi is the biggest scammer in the history of Nigerian politics. 8 years as Governor & you did not build one school or crèche? Instead, you built a beer parlor. You say you did not build any schools because there was no mention of schools in your manifesto but was beer parlor mentioned in it?
What type of creature are you? I commend Reno Omokri for exposing you for what you are: the biggest fraud and Gbaju-merchant in the history of Nigeria. To think that 6 million people voted for you makes me shudder”.

Reno Omokri over the weekend challenged the former Governor and his supporters the obidents to show the world one school he built while serving a Governor of Anambra state for Eight years.