Former member of the 7th Abia State House of Assembly Hon Jerry Uzosike have thrown a jab on the former Deputy speaker of the Abia state House of Assembly and Presidential Aspirant of PDP, Dr Cosmos Ndukwe over his resignation from the People’s Democratic Party the PDP.

Hon Jerry who was reacting to the resignation of Dr Ndukwe from the PDP described him as a betrayal who is known for his betrayal who jumps from one Governor to another.

He went ahead to give a brief history of how Dr Cosmos Ndukwe who rose from a photographer to becoming a billionaire under the Orji Uzor Kalu administration and went ahead to betray him and work with all the Governors that came after him, moving from PDP to PPA to APGA back to PDP and now have also left PDP.

he also challenged him to show the world what he achieved as a principal officer of the state Assembly.

Hon Jerry Uzosike wrote on his Facebook handle:

The later day saints who labeled me as a hungry man for resigning from PDP are now throwing around resignation letters themselves.

You used to work as a photographer 📸 in Aba. When your brother became a governor and appointed you, you became a millionaire. But when he left office, you betrayed him and switched allegiance to the next governor. This cycle repeated as you jumped from one governor to another, collecting appointments along the way. Now, you have left the latest one as well. During this time, you’ve switched parties from PDP to PPA, to APGA, back to PDP, and now you are on the move again.

You were quick to come to a social media platform to call me hungry. When Ubani Dannie came to my defense, you confronted him and called him names. Where is the dignity that your followers on the platform claimed you had? Even when you were writing nonsense about me, I knew you were angling for a board appointment in Abuja. Ha ha ha!

I feel sorry for those who believe in you. Remember what you did in Ariaria without any shame. I will continue to laugh as many of you keep shifting positions. I warned your followers who were insulting me to wait a bit. Now that you are also leaving, is it because of hunger?

What was your achievements for the people since 1999 that you have remained in major government positions outside hotels in Aba and lagos?

You were in House of Assembly as a principal officer before me,what did you do for the people, I was there for 4 years, go and verify my achievements for my people.
I joined Dr Alex C. Otti and all of you became emergency saints and were calling for my head ,Mmttwwwmm.
Hehehe I will keep laughing shaa ,many more will POT.