… Shiroro Hydropower Begins Incremental Power Supply to Katampe Substation

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has initiated the process of restoring the national grid, beginning with the Shiroro Substation. This comes in the wake of a nationwide blackout that occurred yesterday due to a strike organized by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).

In a recent statement, TCN confirmed that the strike had resulted in the shutdown of the National Grid, leading to widespread power outages across the country. Although the NLC has since called off the strike, the restoration of the grid has been progressing slowly.

Currently, the Shiroro Hydropower Station is the primary source of power being reintroduced to the grid. The station is gradually increasing its output to supply electricity to the Katampe Substation, marking the first steps towards full national grid restoration.

The TCN reassured the public that efforts are ongoing to restore power to all affected areas, and the gradual increase in output from Shiroro is a positive sign of progress. However, the pace of restoration remains cautious to ensure stability and prevent further disruptions.

Further updates on the restoration process will be provided as more substations come back online and the power supply is stabilized nationwide.

End of statement