The Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) has issued a series of sanctions against Enyimba International FC following the misconduct during their match against Rangers International FC on June 9, 2024. The match, held at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu, was marred by multiple infractions by Enyimba FC, prompting a detailed review by the league authorities.

In a statement released by Davidson Owumi, the Chief Operating Officer of the NPFL, Enyimba FC was found in breach of several league rules, resulting in substantial fines and penalties. The breaches and corresponding sanctions are as follows:

1. **Improper Conduct**: Enyimba FC failed to ensure the proper conduct of their players, officials, and supporters, violating Rule C9. This resulted in a fine of **₦1,000,000**.

2. **Broadcast Disruption**: The club disrupted the live broadcast of the match, breaching Rule B6.23, leading to a fine of **₦5,000,000**.

3. **Field Encroachment and Object Throwing**: Fans and supporters of Enyimba FC were involved in throwing objects and encroaching onto the field of play, violating Rule B13.18. This attracted a fine of **₦1,000,000**.

4. **Match Discontinuation**: The team refused to continue the match in protest against a penalty decision, contravening Rule C1.1. This action resulted in the forfeiture of three points and three goals in favor of Rangers International FC, in addition to a fine of **₦2,000,000** for causing the match disruption.

5. **Overall Disruption**: Enyimba FC’s actions caused the overall disruption and discontinuation of the match, violating Rule B13.24, and leading to an additional fine of **₦2,000,000**.

Furthermore, the NPFL has mandated Enyimba FC to identify and produce for further investigation and sanctions, players and officials complicit in the disruptive conduct. Specifically, the league named players Eze Ekwutoziam (Jersey No. 6), Chibuike Nwaiwu (Jersey No. 27), and Akanni Elijah (Jersey No. 10).

Enyimba FC is required to respond within 48 hours to either submit to the summary jurisdiction and sanctions or elect to be dealt with by a disciplinary panel. Any appeals or elections found frivolous may incur additional sanctions.

These penalties underscore the NPFL’s commitment to maintaining discipline, sportsmanship, and fair play in Nigerian football. The league’s swift and decisive action aims to deter future misconduct and uphold the integrity of the sport.