The Abia State Government has released a WHITE PAPER on the report of the Board of Inquiry into Allegations of Misconduct against HRH, Eze Kanu Nwa Kanu Okereke of Ibom Isii in Arochukwu Kingdom , Arochukwu LGA of Abia State.

The Board which was inaugurated on the 16th of November, 2023, submitted her report to Government on January 8, 2024.
Government duly notes and accepts the recommendations of the Board and hereby declares as follows:

1. That HRH Eze Dr Kanu Nwa Kanu, Eze Ibom Isii of Arochukwu Kingdom is hereby sanctioned, and his Certificate of Recognition and Staff of Office as a Traditional Ruler in Abia State are hereby withdrawn immediately. The Abia State Government hereby affirms that Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu Okereke ceases to be the Traditional Ruler of Ibom Community / Eze Ibom Isii in Arochukwu Kingdom, Arochukwu LGA; and the Deputy Chairman, Arochukwu Traditional Rulers Council, Abia State.

2. Government directs the Ibom Isii kindred to immediately commence the process of producing a new Eze to replace the deposed one (Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu Eze Okereke).

3. Government hereby notes and accepts the Board’s recommendation and declares the action of coronation / installation of Prince Godwin Kanu Idei as Eze Aro IX by HRH Eze Dr Kanu Nwa Kanu Okereke, the deposed Eze Ibom Isii of Arochukwu Kingdom, null and void.

4. Government upholds the selection process adopted by the Okennachi Kindred, which produced Prince Eberechukwu Oji as the Eze Aro Designate.

5. Government directs that Prince Eberechukwu Oji, be crowned by the Community as Eze Aro IX immediately.

Prince Okey Kanu,
Honourable Commissioner for Information and Culture.