The Abia State Panel of Inquiry for the Recovery of Government properties last week, recovered a Lexus Jeep in lieu of a Hyundai Coaster Bus, 100 KVA Generator and a GeePee water tank from a retired Permanent Secretary in the Abia State Government House, Umuahia, Mr Alozie Odoemelam.

In her address, Justice Duruoha-Igwe said there was no substantial evidence before the panel to show that the retired Permanent Secretary bought the seized vehicle at an auction price.

She said there was no substantial evidence to prove that the seized Generator was bought as scrap, as he had told the panel.

The Counsel to the panel said the 100KVA Generator allegedly bought as scrap by the former Perm Sec, was in good condition when it was bought as scrap.

However, the retired Permanent Secretary of Abia State Government House, Mr Alozie Odoemelam has said that he bought the Hyundai Coaster Bus at auction price as the vehicle was one of those placed for auction, adding that he already paid N320,000 to the Abia State government coffers for the items, out of the total sum of N520,000.

The Counsel to Odoemelam, Obioma Chibuzor in his defence said his client has already supplied sufficient proof before the panel that he bought the vehicles at auction sales.

The Counsel informed the panel that his client paid money into Abia State government coffers, for the items he bought, including the Generator set, which the Counsel said, was bought as scrap.

But the Chairman of the Panel, Justice Florence Duruoha-Igwe directed that the seized items should be kept at the Panel’s premises pending more investigation on them.