The Abia state police Command has reacted the to the alleged beating of a woman by the men of the Nigerian police attached to Azuka police station.

…. says no sufficient evidence to support her case.

. Husband was found in a drug joint.

The force Public Relation office ASP Maureen Chinaka in her tweet this morning gave a detailed explanation on why the husband of the lady was arrested.

On issuing of Assault, she said there is insufficient evidence to support her case.

She wrote: During a raid led by the Divisional Police Officer of Oborhill, on 21/03/2024 the woman’s husband was found in a drug joint among other suspects, leading to their apprehension by the police.
The woman requested bail for her husband but was denied due to ongoing investigations. Despite her plea, she was instructed to return on a specified day after investigations have reasonably been concluded.
Subsequently, the woman accused the police of assault, capturing her distress on camera.
*It is crucial to note that the circulating video lacks substantial evidence supporting the allegations, as it fails to depict any police officer assaulting her or any bodily marks as proof.*
In an effort to further investigate, I reached out to her and extended an invitation for further questioning to examine if there is a bodily mark or even a witness as an evidence to her claims, *but she declined the invitation*.
Consequently, there is insufficient evidence to support her case. Suspects arrested at the drug joint have all been charged in court.
The Abia State Police Command maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards indiscipline and unprofessionalism among its officers. However, we will not relent in performing our constitutional duties of crime prevention with the aim of maintaining law and order, safety and security of residents in the state, irrespective of whose “OX is gored.