An X user, identified as Blackgoddess, who is a hotel staff member has called out a Nigerian singer and former P-Square signee, Akinmayokun Awodumila, popularly known as May D, for failing to pay his debt after lodging with his friends.

Goddess, who shared photos of her WhatsApp conversation with the singer on her X handle on Sunday, pleaded to get the sum of N11,000 as a balance from May D.

According to her, the hotel management had to deduct the money from her salary after (he) May D delayed paying his debt.

She wrote, “So after he had food and drinks on Friday, they all went to the club and didn’t come back that same night. I was so scared coz I would have been the one to pay if he ended up not paying, but one of his friends was still in the hotel so I was a bit assured I’ll get the money.

“Fast forward to the next day, which was on Saturday, 13th,of Jan 2024. Our hotel rule is to do our sales account before 10am in the morning, so I got his contact from his friend who was in the hotel to reach out to him so I can get the money and his response was offensive.

“Still, I kept my cool coz I wouldn’t want to get blocked and end up paying for money I didn’t owe, which I still did coz he only sent part of his payment and I had to cover up the balance of 11k with my salary at the end of the month.”

Responding to the hotel staff’s claims, May D took to his X handle on Sunday to plead till the end of March to pay his debt.

He wrote, “You people should leave me alone. I’m broke , she should send her account , I’ll pay her at the end of the month when I collect salary from my Oga .. 11k Abi.

“And you can use that energy to stream my new song so I can pay and not be broke again.”

Credit: X // MisterMayD