An unholy invasion of the Cathedral Premises happened this afternoon, as a contingent of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) officials stormed the Church compound wrecking havoc on all and sundry they came across, destroying properties and inflicting injuries to innocent worshippers and workers in the compound.

The attack, which came in a commando style, was carried out by men armed with Assault Rifles, Bludgeons of different sizes and leather straps. They blocked the three main entrance of the Holy Premises with their vehicles and swooped down and into the compound in a pincer movement giving chase to any and every person in their sight, hitting, flogging, beating, kicking and assaulting all they could lay hands on. Witnesses overheard them saying “arrest anybody in sight,” “beat anybody you see,” while some were overheard saying “wey the Fada, wey the Fada” with the intention of even assaulting the priests if they come in contact with any.

Worshippers who came for 12 o’clock afternoon Mass were harrased and sent back and even a witness reported that one worshipper was arrested as well and handcuffed. The young and old were assaulted. old men were beaten to pulp and young men were flaggelated like criminals. They left trails of bloodied mouths, swollen backs, broken windows and destroyed properties in the compound while shooting multiple gunshots in the air to scare passers-by. They literally, almost, went to every part of the Cathedral compound chasing people around and disrupting the ongoing 12pm Holy Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass.

The intention behind the invasion have been traced to an event that occurred yesterday whereby they pursued somebody into the compound and the security personnel asked that they should notify the authorities incharge before making arrests within the compound. The said dialogue seems to have erupted into arguments and counter arguments which prompted them to shoot multiple times in the air and forcefully cart away the said runaway individual.
Having taken their prisoner, despite not keeping to terms and conditions, they returned back to exert vengeance and destroy the Cathedral, if possible. What a show of force! Without regard!

This despicable action is demeaning and confirms that they have no regard for the authority of the Bishop in charge of the compound and furthermore, that they have no regard for the Holy Place of God, the sanctuary of the Most High. It only serves to prove a point that someone has sent and empowered them.

As of the time of making this report, they have in their custody, some security personnel of the Catholic Cathedral compound and processes have begun to resolve, with justice and restitution, the consequences of this beastly, inhumane, unwarranted, demeaning and desecrating action.