*A true life story….PLEASE READ TO LEARN.

*This is Jonathan Gabriel, a young and intelligent Isuikwuato LGA man from Uturu, who worked very closely with Amobi Ogah during the 2023 elections.

*Jonathan knows how to write, he is a wordsmith of sort. In fact he proudly confessed to me that I mentored him from a distance. He is a humble and respectful young man, who refuses to engage in media toxicity, thuggery and bullying. Jonathan will only state facts without insulting anyone, no matter your opposition to his opinion.

*One day in his usual nature, he kept away from the toxicity, insults and hate that was raging on their Uturu whatsApp platform. Somebody who was opposing Amobi Ogah commended him for his dignity and ability to hold logical conversations without insults.

*I was reliably informed that Amobi Ogah was infuriated by such praise showered on Jonathan for not descending into the gutters of insults and foul language; that, he (Amobi Ogah) immediately told him that he has lost his job on that open whatsApp platform. Before then, Jonathan was appointee of Amobi Ogah as his media aide.

*Consequently, Young Joe threw-in his resignation letter and resigned to fate. He told me that he didn’t know where else to go but cried to his God, even as the money he borrowed to complete his house rent in abuja was yet to be paid back.

*He said that immediately after handing over everything to God, he had a strange peace that enveloped him. His phone rang and it was Chief Damien Igbokwe (Etiokwe) of Uturu kingdom. Etiokwe asked him to see him at his Asokoro Office.

*For those who do not know him, Chief Damien Igbokwe is the special Adviser on Solid Minerals and General Duties and very close confident of the Senator representing Enugu West. Etiokwe as he is fondly called was a former aide to Dr. Uche Ogah. Today, Etiokwe is big in all ramifications and dictionary meaning of “BIG”. His milk of human kindness flows without reservations.

*Back to the real life story. Jonathan met Etiokwe and narrated his ordeal, though Chief Damien is also on that whatsApp and witnessed all that happened. He encouraged Jonathan not to lose faith in God or allow himself to become toxic just to serve another’s interest. He promised to change Jonathan’s life for good.

*One day my phone rang and the caller was so nice and hailed me like a beloved brother. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the phone number saved in my phone, so I hesitated to query who the caller was. He told me, he is Etiokwe, Damien Igbokwe and I exclaimed…”koko”!!!!. We exchanged pleasantries and he invited me to his tastefully furnished office at Asokoro.

*To cut the long story short, he told me he was going to change Jonathan’s story for good because of the singular act that he was punished for refusing to be toxic. He showed me details of his arrangements to take young Jonathan to Australia, all expense paid trip and a job offer already waiting for joe. I dropped tears of joy. Even as I write this, tears keep rolling down my cheek because of the miracle God can do through people.

*Today, Etiokwe has made good his promise and the boy who was struggling to find house rent in abuja is now in Australia with a good job waiting for him.

*May God continue to bless you for me Etiokwe. You have asked me to keep the other “looming tsunami” of great news secret till it materialises. Because you do good to people who are not even related to you, more good shall follow you all the days of your life.

*Etiokwe….you are a rare gem. Without noise, you have done plenty but always asked that your gestures be kept silent. Through you, our young boys will soon benefit massively, I have drawn the list in wait and definitely my people in Isuikwuato Mandate Group (IMG) will benefit before others. You are a soldier of kindness.

*Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for this gesture you have done for Jonathan and his family.

*This is a lesson for our young people who will go insulting others because of peanuts. Today, Jonathan refused to be toxic, he has benefited for his uprightness.