… State Secretary Reaffirms Ongoing Industrial Action.

In a statement released early this morning, Comrade Pastor Emma Alozie, Abia State Secretary of NLC, conveyed solidarity and a crucial update to all industrial unions amidst ongoing labor unrest.

Despite reports of a signed agreement between Organized Labour and the Federal Government regarding the contentious minimum wage issue, Alozie emphasized that no official directive has been received from the National Headquarters to halt the current strike.

“Though it is on the news that the Organized Labour and Federal Government have signed an agreement on the minimum wage issue, there is no clear directive from the leadership of the National Headquarters to suspend the ongoing strike,” Alozie stated.

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The decisive moment is anticipated at a joint National Executive Council (NEC) meeting scheduled for 9 a.m. today. Until then, the State Secretary insists that the strike must continue.

“Be properly guided. The strike continues till after the meeting,” Alozie urged all labor leaders, reinforcing the commitment to the cause with the rallying cry, “ALUTA CONTINUA!”

As the labour movement awaits the outcomes of the NEC meeting, workers are advised to maintain solidarity and await further instructions from union leadership.

**End of statement**