…. Twelve houses he built and furnished for widows will dwarf your Achievements.

A lawyer and close ally to Dr. Cosmos Ndukwe, Barr Ben Udechukwu have advised the former member representing Umuahia South state constituency in the Abia state House of Assembly Hon Jerry Uzosike to save himself from public disgrace by avoiding any comparison between him and Dr. Cosmos ndukwe as the achievements of the former Deputy speaker will be unhealthy for him.

Barr Ben who was reacting to a part made earlier today by Hon Jerry where he questioned the achievements of Dr Cosmos Ndukwe in the Abia State House of Assembly even as a principal officer of the house, he urged him to stay away from such arguments as the achievements of Dr Cosmos Ndukwe in the Abia state House of Assembly will dwarf what eve he thinks he achieved at the 7th Assembly.

He Wrote:

@⁨~Jerry⁩ it is preposterous to attempt comparing your tenure at the House of Assembly with what MOG did for Bende North. The score card will give you heartache. Only twelve houses he built, furnished and donated to his widow constituents within the period will dwarf your achievements.

I am not talking about the hospital he built and equipped for his Okagwe constituents or the Civic Development Hall at Iketenwe, Amaokwe Item and the Market Hall at Okoko Item.

Any comparison between you and MOG would be unhealthy because apart from large heartedness, MOG had contacts and access to funds more than could be available to you.

I don’t know where you would have gotten resources to afford that massive empowerment MOG powered at Item Secondary School December 2018.

For the records, MOG was an established businessman before he joined Abia Government. I was with him at CONK COMPUTERS 8 Okigwe Road, Aba in 1998 when OUK stopped his campaign trail to beg Cosmos to join him. MOG didnt accept any appointment from OUK until 2003. That was in deference to Nnanna Uzor Kalu, MOG’s bosom friend. MOG contested and won as Councilor Mosque Ward 1, Aba North and later Deputy Chairman Aba North Local Government in 1992. That was seven (7) clear years before OUK became Governor.

Cosmos Ndukwe’s CONK GARMENTS was already registered as body corporate years before OUK became Governor. CONK COMPUTERS had already mounted the UNIJOS COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTE at their 87 (No. 8 was corporate headquarters) Okigwe Road Computer Training School. There is no point trying to make mockery of a man who had accepted in his authorised biography that he was a photographer and Master of Ceremony before he transitioned to other skills and services.

My dear brother, I had said here that nobody cross carpets because of hunger. Neither you nor MOG is hungry.

I just wanted to put the records straight

Ben Udechukwu