In a significant development, the Commissioner of Police in Zamfara State, Muhammad Dalijan, has announced the arrest of a current member of the State House of Assembly and a former local government chairman on charges related to banditry activities.

The announcement was made on Wednesday during a visit by Thomas Parker, head of the Counterterrorism Unit at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), at the police command headquarters in Gusau, the state capital.

While the identities of the arrested legislator and former council leader have not been disclosed, their apprehension marks a critical step in the state’s ongoing efforts to combat banditry.

Commissioner Dalijan took this opportunity to appeal to the United Nations for assistance in setting up a forensic laboratory in Zamfara. He highlighted the challenges faced due to the necessity of traveling to Lagos for forensic analyses and requested the establishment of a local facility similar to the one UNODC supported in Maiduguri.

This appeal underscores the importance of enhancing local capabilities to efficiently address and investigate criminal activities, including those related to terrorism and banditry.

The meeting between Dalijan and Parker reflects ongoing international collaboration to bolster security and justice systems in regions plagued by organized crime.