One of the achievements of the Tinubu led Administration in Nigeria has been the restructuring of the Interior ministry, where all agencies of the ministry are now fully functional and automated, Nimc has been made easy, over 500,000 pending applications for international passport cleared and collected. Another giant achievement is the newly introduced method of applying for an international passport, which you can now do from the comfort of your home. You only need to visit the immigration office for biometric capturing, while your passport will be delivered directly to your home. With the newly launched platform.

Features of the Online Passport portal.

  1. Check available passport centers around you

2. Start new Application

3. Resume and edit Application

4. Correction of data (your information)

5. Guarantors form

6. Payment status/ print receipt (no more manual payment) Booking of Appointment.

To apply for a Nigeria Passport from the comfort of your home, visit: